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Aids Walk Washington This Saturday!!! Oct 6th, 2007

AIDS Walk Washington is October 6, 2007

1 out of 20 District residents is infected with HIV. That’s 5% of the population
1 out of 50 District residents is already living with AIDS
If DC were a country it would rank in between The Republic of Congo and Rwanda in terms of HIV infection rates!

Put Your Foot Down – Register Today!

Show your support for Whitman-Walker Clinic at the 21st annual AIDS Walk Washington on Saturday, Oct. 6, at Freedom Plaza. The goal is 25,000 walkers, one for each person living with HIV in the District of Columbia. You can register as an individual walker or build a team of 10 or more people.

For more information on AIDS Walk, call 202-332-WALK or visit the AIDS Walk website . Check out the TV PSAs produced by NBC4!


The Grand Marshall this year is Chip Arndt. You may remember Chip Arndt from his stint on the TV show The Amazing Race. Chip and then-partner Reichen Lehmkuehl won not only the big prize, but also plenty of attention for being the first same-sex couple to do so. Even before the show, Chip Arndt was known for his support of LGBT and HIV/AIDS causes. Since the show, however, he has been able to do even more.

Come out on this Saturday and show your support!!!


Colored’-Full Language – Zadnichek refers to black people as “colored”

Colored’-Full Language -full article | by Farai Chideya

As our esteemed colleague Karen Grigsby Bates writes in her mystery novels, “It’s a small colored world.”

Now, while she may use the phrase, as an author, with a bit of the tongue in cheek, it’s hard to know in what spirit one of our guests used it.

We had a story today on an upcoming HIV/AIDS protest at an RV vacation park. We spoke to Silvia Glover, who brought her two year-old foster son to the resort. He’s HIV-positive. The resort chose not to let him use the pool or showers immediately. But Glover also thinks race played a factor.

We also spoke with property owner Ken Zadnichek. He argued that the Glover family didn’t let him check safety issues with the local health department, as he wanted to do for the benefit of not only the other residents, but the Glover’s foster son. And then, when I asked him about race, he said that he had plenty of “colored” guests come throught the resort.

Reaction? Some people who listened to the segment said “What did he say!?!?!” while others didn’t even notice it.

The most common words in use for people of African descent in America are African-American and black. But while the “n” word makes headlines as part of the Imus and rap debates, the “C” word, “Colored,” has largely dropped out of view.


Now, language gets read into many ways… for its grammar, content, and delivery.

If you heard someone use Colored instead of black or African-American, would you make assumptions about their beliefs or politics?…”


Black Hollywood gets tested for HIV

African American celebrities get an HIV test and their results at this Awareness Event.


Summer Camp Turns Away Boy With HIV

From July 26, 2007 | WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — A summer basketball camp turned away a 10-year-old boy because he has the virus that causes AIDS, according to a lawsuit filed by the boy’s mother. The head of the Deer Mountain Day Camp’s weeklong basketball program initially told the mother her HIV-positive son would be welcome for a 2004 session, according to the lawsuit, filed last month in a federal court in White Plains. Two days before the program started — after the family paid $345 for the program and $250 for clothes and equipment — the camp director told the mother the would not be admitted because he has the virus, the lawsuit said. A lawyer for Deer Mountain, Rodney Gould, said the camp had not discriminated against the boy and “had a long and rich history of catering to children with special medical needs.”

The boy, now 12, was infected before birth, has taken medication for years and is healthy and athletic, his lawyers said. The lawsuit described the risk of his transmitting the virus to other campers or staffers as “infinitesimally small.” Having told many friends about his plans, the boy was devastated by the camp’s decision, his lawyers said. “It was absolute ignorance on the part of the camp,” said one of the boy’s lawyers, Howard Sherwin of the Legal Aid Society in Rockland County. “They had no reason not to admit this child.” The lawsuit, which identifies the boy and his mother as Adam and Jane Doe to protect the boy’s privacy, accuses the camp of violating the federal Americans with Disabilities Act and state human-rights law. It seeks unspecified damages, and the boy’s lawyers said they also wanted the camp to change its policy and apologize to the boy. The American Camp Association, which accredits Deer Mountain, tells camps they cannot discriminate against campers or staff members who have HIV or AIDS. “We believe that the camp experience should be available to all children,” said Adam Weinstein, executive director of the association’s New York section. More than 4,500 children in New York State have HIV, according to the state Health Department.


The first animated series about people living with HIV

‘Live With It’ is the world’s first of animated series about people living with HIV. In episode 3, Bobbie learns that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Bobbie ’s outer beauty can’t compete with her inner demons, and now she’s finding out what HIV can do to someone’s self image.


Dating while postive – Sites for Positive Singles

Many times people assume that if they are HIV positive or have a sexually transmitted disease that they can’t find love…but that’s not true. If you have HIV/Aids you can find love online. There are dating websites dedicated helping positive singles like you find love.– social networking website dedicated to HIV Positive Africans and African Americans sharing and making friends. – A dating site for HIV positive singles that is HIV+ owned. – For singles with HSV, HPV, and HIV – A dating service is for singles with HIV/AIDS, herpes, other STDs. – Exclusively HIV Positive Dating – HIV Dating and and Interactive Database