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Young Sisters Join Fight Against HIV/AIDS

Seven-year-old Vineeta Hennessey and her five-year-old sister Sevilla are in the spotlight for a documentary called “Please Talk to Kids About AIDS”.

In it, experts and activists face questions that only a child would ask.

Vineeta asked, “How does AIDS get into your body?'” A doctor responds, “Well, AIDS gets into your body in ways that can be complicated to explain to little girls!”

That gets a laugh from the audience at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Public Health.

But the girls also elicit frank responses from leading experts, such as prize-winning science writer Laurie Garrett. She explains, “What’s sneaky about the AIDS virus is that, guess what it infects, what kinds of cells it goes inside of? The immune cells. So, the army you have inside of you to protect you is exactly where this virus goes….”

That sort of jargon-free language has drawn attention to the film. There is also praise for the way it breaks taboos about discussing sex. A doctor explains what a sex worker is. She says, “A sex worker is someone who gives sex services to another person in exchange for money…”

In spite of the film’s subject matter involving prostitution or condoms, the girls are supported by their parents — both international public health advocates.

The family’s efforts have won praise from a prominent figure, who appears in the film. Dr. Anthony Fauci is director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and heads up all U.S. government-funded research into HIV/AIDS.

“To have children, in their innocence, ask those questions and really force people to give a straight answer to this, I think really exemplifies why we need to talk straight about HIV,” Dr. Fauci said.

The documentary’s young stars are promoting the film and discussing the answers they got.

Vineeta offering her reaction, says, “Some of them were real difficult — like sexual. I was like, ‘Whoa, what is that?'”

Sister Sevilla adds, “And like this sex worker, they…”  Vineeta interrupts, “Yes, she was, like, it’s not a real job!”

The sisters’ film has already attracted interest from various non-governmental and international organizations keen to use it as an educational tool in the global fight against HIV/AIDS.

Source: VOA News


World Aids Day, Dec 1: What’s going on??

Here is a round up of links with news and events about the upcoming World Aids Day for 2007.

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Hope’s Voice: Does HIV Look Like Me?

Hope’s Voice is a national HIV and AIDS organization committed to promoting the education and prevention of HIV and AIDS to young adults. Hope’s Voice uses open dialogue and peer-to-peer education, through both speaker appearances of young adults living with HIV and AIDS and progressive programs to send this crucial message: HIV and AIDS does not discriminate. Hope’s Voice aims to raise awareness and help young adults create the social change that is needed to end this epidemic.

The organization represents a group of talented and diverse young adults, all living with HIV and AIDS. Their speakers prove, the disease shows no preference towards gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, demographic or economic status.


Stars stage AIDS benefit at Henry Fonda Music Box

HOLLYWOOD — Stars of several hot television shows, including Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty and Heroes, hit the stage Saturday at the Henry Fonda Music Box Theater for a variety show to benefit AIDS causes.

And one couple, House stars Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer, didn’t let last week’s headlines announcing the end of their real-life engagement interfere with an entertaining date night.

Though the two walked the carpet separately at the annual Hot in Hollywood variety show, they sat together near the stage and were both high bidders at an auction with host Jaime Pressly.

Bidding $6,000, Spencer won Rolling Stones and Elvis memorabilia, while Morrison got an Andy Warhol lithograph of Marilyn Monroe for $7,000.

But will the items ever be displayed in the same home? Spencer remained mum, saying only, “She’s a great girl, but I can’t say anything more.”

Still, the couple stayed together all evening, going to the rooftop of the theater to smoke cigarettes and drink beer past midnight.

My Name Is Earl‘s Pressly returned for her second time as host — a tribute to her favorite Uncle Alan, who died of AIDS in the ’80s.

After a Randolph Duke dress made of Salvation Army neckties that she was modeling sold for only $5,000, Pressly chastised the crowd for not bidding higher: “Lighten up,” she said.

Her scolding worked. Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia, with cropped hair, promptly donated $7,000 to sit in a chair while Pressly performed a sexy rendition of Fever for him.

A bigger spender at the auction was Ugly Betty star America Ferrera, who bid $35,000 for a Toyota Prius.

“I already drive a hybrid Highlander, so now I have two hybrids,” said Ferrera, who was heading to Duke’s home today to shop for an Emmys dress.

Ferrera’s Betty co-stars Michael Urie and Becki Newton dressed up as Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand to sing You Don’t Bring Me Flowers. “It was a big fight, but Becki’s playing Barbra and I’m playing Neil,” cracked Urie.

“We’ve been practicing it on set every day,” Newton added.

Ferrera took the stage to sing a number from Gypsy. Crossing Jordan‘s Jerry O’Connell was her backup dancer. Earlier, O’Connell was sweating bullets over his drag costume — a woman’s wig, high heels, underpants and a hot-pink sparkly bikini top that showed off more than he would have liked. “You can see everything,” he sighed.

The bit was inspired by a Broadway trip that Ferrera took this summer with O’Connell and his wife, Rebecca Romijn. The trio joined Newton and Urie to see Gypsy starring Patti LuPone, who plays Urie’s mom on Betty.

Heroes villain Zachary Quinto lined up co-stars Sendhil Ramamurthy, Jack Coleman and James Kyson Lee to perform a medley. They were introduced by Ventimiglia, who told Quinto, “I’m not a singer. I’ll pick up your microphone if it falls.”

But it was Grey’s Anatomy‘s Sara Ramirez, a Tony winner for Spamalot, who brought down the house with a rendition of The Man That Got Away from 1954’s A Star Is Born.

In the audience: Shar Jackson, who performed in last year’s show. She said she is standing by her ex, Kevin Federline, in his custody battle with his ex-wife, Britney Spears, over their sons, Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1. “I can’t speak about her parenting, but I know he’s an amazing dad,” said Jackson, who has a daughter, Kori, 4, and a son, Kaleb, 3, with Federline.



Colored’-Full Language – Zadnichek refers to black people as “colored”

Colored’-Full Language -full article | by Farai Chideya

As our esteemed colleague Karen Grigsby Bates writes in her mystery novels, “It’s a small colored world.”

Now, while she may use the phrase, as an author, with a bit of the tongue in cheek, it’s hard to know in what spirit one of our guests used it.

We had a story today on an upcoming HIV/AIDS protest at an RV vacation park. We spoke to Silvia Glover, who brought her two year-old foster son to the resort. He’s HIV-positive. The resort chose not to let him use the pool or showers immediately. But Glover also thinks race played a factor.

We also spoke with property owner Ken Zadnichek. He argued that the Glover family didn’t let him check safety issues with the local health department, as he wanted to do for the benefit of not only the other residents, but the Glover’s foster son. And then, when I asked him about race, he said that he had plenty of “colored” guests come throught the resort.

Reaction? Some people who listened to the segment said “What did he say!?!?!” while others didn’t even notice it.

The most common words in use for people of African descent in America are African-American and black. But while the “n” word makes headlines as part of the Imus and rap debates, the “C” word, “Colored,” has largely dropped out of view.


Now, language gets read into many ways… for its grammar, content, and delivery.

If you heard someone use Colored instead of black or African-American, would you make assumptions about their beliefs or politics?…”


Summer Camp Turns Away Boy With HIV

From July 26, 2007 | WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — A summer basketball camp turned away a 10-year-old boy because he has the virus that causes AIDS, according to a lawsuit filed by the boy’s mother. The head of the Deer Mountain Day Camp’s weeklong basketball program initially told the mother her HIV-positive son would be welcome for a 2004 session, according to the lawsuit, filed last month in a federal court in White Plains. Two days before the program started — after the family paid $345 for the program and $250 for clothes and equipment — the camp director told the mother the would not be admitted because he has the virus, the lawsuit said. A lawyer for Deer Mountain, Rodney Gould, said the camp had not discriminated against the boy and “had a long and rich history of catering to children with special medical needs.”

The boy, now 12, was infected before birth, has taken medication for years and is healthy and athletic, his lawyers said. The lawsuit described the risk of his transmitting the virus to other campers or staffers as “infinitesimally small.” Having told many friends about his plans, the boy was devastated by the camp’s decision, his lawyers said. “It was absolute ignorance on the part of the camp,” said one of the boy’s lawyers, Howard Sherwin of the Legal Aid Society in Rockland County. “They had no reason not to admit this child.” The lawsuit, which identifies the boy and his mother as Adam and Jane Doe to protect the boy’s privacy, accuses the camp of violating the federal Americans with Disabilities Act and state human-rights law. It seeks unspecified damages, and the boy’s lawyers said they also wanted the camp to change its policy and apologize to the boy. The American Camp Association, which accredits Deer Mountain, tells camps they cannot discriminate against campers or staff members who have HIV or AIDS. “We believe that the camp experience should be available to all children,” said Adam Weinstein, executive director of the association’s New York section. More than 4,500 children in New York State have HIV, according to the state Health Department.


The first animated series about people living with HIV

‘Live With It’ is the world’s first of animated series about people living with HIV. In episode 3, Bobbie learns that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Bobbie ’s outer beauty can’t compete with her inner demons, and now she’s finding out what HIV can do to someone’s self image.


HIV pozitive 2 Year Old Barred from Pool

“A couple says their vacation was ruined when an RV park owner told them they weren’t welcome after discovering their 2-year-old foster son had the HIV virus.

Last week, Dick and Silvia Glover went to the Wales West RV Park in Silver Hill, Ala., with their foster son Caleb. When the boy was banned from using the pool and showers, the Glovers said they were offered an uncomfortable and painful choice: They could either keep Caleb out of the water or leave.”

I can’t say it better so I’m going to have to let this sister tell you the rest – hivaidsandme – “Apparently stupidity knows no bounds. In the backwoods in “Nowheresville,” Alabama people still don’t know that you can’t get HIV from swimming in the same pool with someone who is infected. I’m not sure that they got the memo, but you can’t catch it from a toilet seat either.

Wales West RV Park (yeah that’s right RV Park) told Silvia and Dick Glover that their 2-year-old foster son, Caleb, was not allowed to swim in the pool or use the shower after finding out that Caleb was HIV positive.

The RV Parks response: “We weren’t sure if somebody could get the virus if the child upchucked on them or from blood or what,” said Ken Zadnichek, the park’s owner. “We didn’t know what the risk was. That’s why we asked for something from their doctor or the county health department.”

I have no words. I can’t even being to express how horrible I think this is. Silvia and Dick…or anyone who has HIV, AIDS, or knows anyone who is infected…I’m sorry for all the stupid people in the world.”

Wow…click here for the whole story from ABC News


Video: Myths about HIV and AIDS and why they are not true


There has been a tremendous amount of progress in increasing worldwide awareness about HIV and AIDS, and massive education and prevention efforts are ongoing. However, many people remain ignorant to the facts about HIV and AIDS and to how they can prevent the spread of the disease. In this video, Dr. Becky Kuhn, an HIV treatment specialist, talks about the top 10 myths on HIV and AIDS and explains why they are not true.

Dr. Becky Kuhn is the co-founder of Global Lifeworks, which is a not-for-profit organization with the goal of “Bridging Diverse Communities in the HIV/AIDS Pandemic”. The vision statement of this organization is: “to pioneer new and unique methods for HIV/AIDS awareness, education, and care for the purpose of improving the quality of life of those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS”. The website is full of information; it contains articles, blogs, videos, and photo galleries. I recommend that anyone interested in the worldwide AIDS pandemic visit and explore this worthwhile site. (from



When you click on the photo for Bloodline: Aids and Family you will see a video of a  mother who says:

I said, my children, you know what I have HIV. One day I will die and leave you my children. So you must be brave and look after yourselves and look after me.
“The AIDS pandemic continues to devastate sub-Saharan Africa. Two million people died from the disease in 2005 alone. Twelve million children have lost at least one parent.

The statistics are staggering.

“But we are not only talking of numbers here,” says Paddington Mazarura of Zimbabwe, a career professional infected with HIV. “We are talking of people.”

Kristen Ashburn’s BLOODLINE: AIDS and Family is the story of these men, women and their children.

Ashburn’s photographs are heartbreaking. But they also tell us of something more. They remind us of how tenuous our connection is to each other. In doing so, they show that what matters most is the care we give to those in need.”