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HIV Comeback: Young Gay Men in New York

The New York Daily News is reporting that HIV is making a comeback among young gay men in NY.  New cases have increased by a third in those younger than 30 and doubled among teens in the past six years, health officials said Tuesday.  “In 2001, there were 374 new HIV diagnoses among gay men younger than 30; last year, there were 499, a city report said. In gay males ages 13 to 19, cases increased from 41 six years ago to 87 last year.

“A generation of men is growing up having not seen their friends die of AIDS, and maybe having the impression that HIV is not such a terrible infection,” Frieden said.

Unless they practice safer sex, he said, “We will face another wave of suffering and death from HIV and AIDS.”

Gay black and Hispanic youth are most profoundly affected by the growing number of infections, with 81 of 87 new cases last year occurring in those groups.”

I think that young gay males should look to the examples of their gay forefathers in the 80s who championed HIV/Aids activism.  They gave HIV a face (Unfortunately that has now become a stigma and assumption).  They took up the cause when it was not popular or chic.  They watched their friends die and did something to keep others from getting infected instead of standing idly by.   These young gay men in NY will have to be the ones to take up this cause a new if there is going to be a change, and if the trend is going to lessen.