If gay men would just stop cruising…

I happened upon this article, “Gay Sex in Public a Major Health Risk ~ Naugle Calls on Homosexuals to Stem the Spread of HIV – Aug 23, 2007“.

“At a news conference at City Hall this week, Jim Naugle, the mayor of Fort Lauderdale, Florida has called on homosexual men to end their public sexual encounters in order to curb the local HIV/AIDS rate. “We want to put a stop to that activity,” he said.

Since his first public comments in July, Naugle has been attacked on all sides for being nearly the only US public figure to oppose on moral grounds the encroachment of homosexual activity in his town.

Now Naugle is in the news again for his determination to clean up Fort Lauderdale’s beaches and tourist spots, that he says are a health threat. The tourist destinations, he says, are being used as “cruising” scenes for homosexual men looking for the anonymous sexual encounters that characterize the “gay” subculture. This activity, he says, is one of the major factors in the spread of the HIV virus in the area.”

This is simply absurd and you should read the rest of the article to see just how backwards this “6 term” mayor is.  From what I understand, the majority of cruisers are closeted men, not openly homosexual men who are honest and comfortable with their sexuality.  Openly homosexual men don’t have to troll around in park bathrooms an such.  It’s a shame that this public official is targeting homosexual men as a source of the spread of HIV.  I would hope that the attention that this story has gotten has forced him to become more aware and educated about the spread of HIV/Aids and made him more tolerant of homosexuals.


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