Campaign to End Aids Caravan to Alabama

In July we posted a story about an HIV-Positive Toddler Banned From Pool. A great way for you to show your support to persons living and loving with HIV and AIDS and to help change the attitude of this country so that things like this never happen again is to Join the C2EA Caravan to Alabama!

Six caravans originating from Dallas and Houston (TX), Little Rock (AR),
Nashville (TN), Miami (FL), and DC will be travelling to Mobile, Alabama to
participate in our HIV positive Family Reunion and Swim-in on September 3, 2007.

Below are the routes being taken by each caravan and we are encouraging any and
everyone to travel with us:

Dallas (TX), Shreveport (LA), Monroe (LA), Jackson (MS), Hattieburg (MS),
Mobile (AL)
Houston (TX), Beaumont (TX), Lafayette (LA), Baton Rouge (LA), New Orleans
(LA), Gulfport (MS), Mobile (AL)
Little Rock (AR), Memphis (TN), Tupelo (MS), Birmingham (AL), Montgomery
(AL), Mobile (AL)
Nashville (TN), Chattanooga (TN), Atlanta (GA), Columbus (GA), Montgomery
(AL), Mobile (AL)
Miami (FL), Ft. Lauderdale (FL), Tampa (FL), Orlando (FL), Gainesville (FL),
Tallahassee (FL), Pensacola (FL), Mobile (AL)
DC, Richmond (VA), Durham (NC), Greensboro (NC), Charlotte (NC), Columbia
(SC), Atlanta (GA), Columbus (GA), Montgomery (AL), Mobile (AL)

Select a route that comes closest to you and I will connect you. Don’t forget
to bring your swimsuits and $100 for each individual for travel costs. If you
live beyond the Gulf Coast (Ohio, Illinois, California, etc.) and want to
participate, please contact me and we will do what we can to get you connected.

Are you ready to get wet?

For more info: Larry Bryant, bryant2@housingworks.org (202)408-0305


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