HIV pozitive 2 Year Old Barred from Pool

“A couple says their vacation was ruined when an RV park owner told them they weren’t welcome after discovering their 2-year-old foster son had the HIV virus.

Last week, Dick and Silvia Glover went to the Wales West RV Park in Silver Hill, Ala., with their foster son Caleb. When the boy was banned from using the pool and showers, the Glovers said they were offered an uncomfortable and painful choice: They could either keep Caleb out of the water or leave.”

I can’t say it better so I’m going to have to let this sister tell you the rest – hivaidsandme

ginsbergcora.wordpress.com – “Apparently stupidity knows no bounds. In the backwoods in “Nowheresville,” Alabama people still don’t know that you can’t get HIV from swimming in the same pool with someone who is infected. I’m not sure that they got the memo, but you can’t catch it from a toilet seat either.

Wales West RV Park (yeah that’s right RV Park) told Silvia and Dick Glover that their 2-year-old foster son, Caleb, was not allowed to swim in the pool or use the shower after finding out that Caleb was HIV positive.

The RV Parks response: “We weren’t sure if somebody could get the virus if the child upchucked on them or from blood or what,” said Ken Zadnichek, the park’s owner. “We didn’t know what the risk was. That’s why we asked for something from their doctor or the county health department.”

I have no words. I can’t even being to express how horrible I think this is. Silvia and Dick…or anyone who has HIV, AIDS, or knows anyone who is infected…I’m sorry for all the stupid people in the world.”

Wow…click here for the whole story from ABC News


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