AIDS: No longer a stranger in Tibet


from battlingaids.com
AIDS is no longer a stranger in Tibetan community, as the number of people with HIV infection leaving behind the figure of 31, reported last year, has soared up to the mark of 41. This increase, reported within a year, points to quite a critical situation waiting ahead for Tibetan people and authorities as well.

It is quite sad that HIV/AIDS is raising its hood not only in the urban areas but in rural areas as well. However, it is good that authorities are trying at their level best to tackle the situation as earnestly as possible despite the fact that two factors vast region and spare population are posing to be a stint in this way.

Under the efforts being made to bring the situation under control, two state-level outposts are monitoring the spread of HIV/AIDS. And stoking this mission further Tibet government has come forward setting up a HIV/AIDS prevention and control center along with counseling and testing services. Telling more about the arrangements made, especially to curb the rising tide of HIV/AIDS Yuzhan Lhaco, deputy director of the local institute for prevention and control of AIDS and sexually Transmitted Diseases revealed:

Testing is free of charge and HIV carriers are treated with free medicines.

Here it is worth mentioning that unsafe blood transfusions in hospitals and injections have served as the main carrier for this disease as the government statistics show that out of the 650,000 of the Chinese living with HIV/AIDS, 443 per cent were infected through drug injections, 10.7 per cent through blood transfusion. However, unsafe sex is also one of the key factors behind this boom in HIV/AIDS cases.

Keeping in mind these facts, we could say that adoption of safer methods of blood transfusion and the spread of the importance of safer sex among the masses would prove a key in this fight against HIV/AIDS.


Via: Spirit India


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