HIV/AIDS education in Botswana is in the workplace

From the Nata Village Blog

HIV/AIDS education in Botswana is in the workplace
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All government agencies and nearly all large businesses in Botswana have IV/AIDS committees. Many agencies and businesses have trained peer educators to help employees face the challenges of HIV/AIDS. Moshe standing right) is the chairperson of the HIV/AIDS committee for the Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) in Nata. He invited Melody to the office to give a presentation about HIV/AIDS in Botswana. The eight employees learned that Botswana is second only to Swaziland for HIV infection rates. We talked a lot about how people are still using traditional doctors and paying them hundreds of dollars to treat HIV/AIDS. With almost 80,000 people in Botswana taking ARV’s and doing well, we discussed why some people are still in denial. Everyone present (like everyone in Botswana) has lost someone to AIDS. Vino (the supervisor, standing left) encouraged his staff to participate in “zero grazing” which means to stick with one partner.

Congratulations to the employees of BPC Nata for their willingness to participate in the workshop and their efforts to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS. Well done!


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