Adding On

I just found a great new blog by mom raising a child with HIV, and the feelings, thoughts, and responsibilities that entails.  Stop by and give her a shout, some support at http://hivchild.blogspot.com.   Here’s the latest post.

‘I would love to add another child with HIV. Is this strange? Is this weird? I think about it often. It wouldn’t be too hard since we already visit the doctor evey three months as it is. It would be a child in need of a home. A child with a similar history and most likely a similar future as my daughter. They would each have someone to share “this” with. Someone who understands. Someone who has been there, is going there, is feeling the same feelings, someone to help the other in dark times when mom just doesn’t cut it. Because try as I might, I can never understand what she is going through, what she is feeling. Love isn’t always “enough.”‘


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