Social network for HIV/AIDS community

March 28, 2007 | By Minic Rivera | From www.blogherald.com

HIVConnect.net, a social network for the HIV/AIDS community, was launched to serve as place of free dialogue for people with HIV/AIDS, AIDS services organizations, community based organizations, researchers, among others.

“My goal is to create an environment of comfort, and deepen the social interaction between clients and the various organizations and individuals that seek to support them,” Stephan Adelson, founder of the nonprofit project, said.

There are three types of membership available on the site. One profile type is for those that are HIV-positive, a second for organizations, and a third for friends and family members. To ensure the privacy and comfort, HIV-positive members family and friend profiles do not have access to the HIV-positive community. HIVConnect.net includes a place for member profiles while offering a comprehensive library with topics related to HIV/AIDS.

Long term survivors of HIV/AIDS are becoming isolated environments, where medication and mutations of the virus are creating distinctive responses in individuals. Their doctors often face unique situations, yet sharing these experiences is often difficult and time prohibitive. HIVConnect.net provides a place for authentic communication while ensuring the privacy of the individual. To further assure privacy, no identifying personal information such as name or address is collected.


1 Response to “Social network for HIV/AIDS community”

  1. 1 Basanta kumar kar
    August 23, 2007 at 3:31 am

    Dear Sir,
    This is to inform you that I also write poems and two of my collections have been published. The third collection of poems written on real life stories of women who suffer from livelihoods/food/nutrition insecurity and HIV , engaged in sex work and/ or abandoned.There are poems on aboriginal extinctive tribal women in the country.The poems deal with underlying issues relating to poverty, solitude and various forms of predicament and a hope for coping.Currently I have written almost 50 poems covering cases from Rajasthan, Delhi, Orissa, Chhatisgarh and Jharkhand in India .

    Would like to know whether this site can host these poems for a reading and understanding the issues of poverty, multiple marginalisation and deprivaton of rights.


    With best regards,

    Basanta kumar kar
    Operations Director
    Care India , New Delhi

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